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WSED 2014

Poster, WSED Conference 2014, UCSC

Monteleone B., Chiesa M., Venuta ML., Schmidl C., Schwarz M., Brandt H.J., Kerschbaum M."Comparison between high efficiency small scale pellet boilers and traditional ones through LCA and LCC"

Published 2014-10-01

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Poster, WSED Conference 2014, CERTH

Karampinis E., Grammelis P., Margaritis N., Pallis P., Vourliotis P., Kakaras E.: "Impact of pellet quality on efficiency and emissions from a 12kW biomass boiler: results from BioMaxEff project"

Published 2014-10-01

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Paper, WSED Conference 2014, BE2020

Rimoldi M., Carlon E., Schwarz M., Golicza L., Verma V.K., Schmidl C., Haslinger W. "Optimization of the heating system control strategy for a low energy house"

Published 2014-10-01

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