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Target Markets

Target Market Map

The target markets for the BioMaxEff project are Southern and Western Europe and Denmark.

The project consortium has been carefully selected to ensure maximum penetration into these markets. The map below highlights the markets involved and the corresponding project partners.

Demonstration and monitoring of the innovative biomass heating systems at the heart of BioMaxEff will take place in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain and the UK. No demonstration will take place in the remaining countries but typical fuels from these markets will be considered by the project.

One of the first activities within the BioMaxEff project will be to analyse the target markets. This analysis will generate an overview of the available bio-fuels, existing and future buildings stocks, state-of-the-art technology and the legislative and regulatory framework influencing the uptake of biomass heating in each market. This activity will take place within Work Package 2 and its outcomes will shape subsequent Work Packages.