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About BioMaxEff

BioMaxEff aims to demonstrate that biomass boilers in the 6-60kWth range offer an affordable, highly efficient and ultra-low emission central heating and hot water solution for homes and buildings across Europe. This aim will be achieved via a robust programme of work structured across 9 interlinking Work Packages.

In summary, the project will see 10 novel biomass heating concepts tested in the laboratory and then demonstrated in the field in new built (low energy prefabricated) housing as well as refurbished housing and boiler change scenarios.

The testing, demonstration and monitoring regime applied to these concepts will be defined by the demands of the project’s target markets including local climate, typical regional fuel characteristics, local housing stock and local legislative and regulatory frameworks.

The efficiency and emissions outcomes flowing from the project demonstration and monitoring activities will allow a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment to be undertaken. This, along with other key project deliverables, will be published here on the project website.

Throughout the project lifetime, progress and results will be presented in key scientific and industry journals, at major industry events and within 4 project Workshops. Details of these Workshops will be published within the Events section of this website whilst articles, reports and project results will be available for download within the Publications pages.