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Heating Concepts

Table of Heating Concepts

The table above illustrates the 10 heating concepts at the heart of the BioMaxEff project.

Each concept combines a Windhager best in class boiler (from the VARIOWIN, BIOWIN and EASYWIN product groups) with secondary components to create 10 innovative heating systems. These heating systems have been specially designed for installation in prefabricated low energy housing, refurbished housing or a boiler change scenarios. Laboratory and real life testing of the heating systems within each of these scenarios will take place across all of the target markets using typical regional biomass fuels as appropriate.

Well over 2,000 heating systems will be installed and through this vast demonstration of the 10 heating concepts the project expects to deliver against the impacts of the call and advance biomass heating systems beyond the current state of the art. Some of the advances expected will include:

  • Exceeding current annual biomass boiler efficiencies of 70% by a further 20% in the lifetime of the project and paving the way to a 25% increase (on 70%) by 2020.
  • Demonstrating that high performance log wood combustion technology does not necessarily require a fan. (The project will introduce one high efficiency, low emission, and low cost log wood boiler to the Southern European market).
  • Achieving lower Total Suspended Particle (TSP) emissions in field tests than any of the current top performing biomass boiler appliances in the EU market.
  • Growing the European market for small scale biomass boilers with integrated dust emission control technology through the large scale demonstration of heating systems with integrated modular ESP systems.
  • Demonstrating that biomass heating systems are a viable solution for low and lowest energy demand buildings by developing a heating system with outstanding load control and minimal heat output (as low as 1.6kW).
  • Demonstrating an entirely new approach to the integration of heating systems and whole house ventilation systems through the development of a single control concept.